FAQ Wedding Photoshoot

FAQ Wedding Photoshoot

Here found some of the questions most frequently asked by couples about the wedding service.

01. What are the elements that make up the package offered? TOP

I state from the outset that every wedding service is followed and packaged as requested by the couple.

I usually suggest and I provide these basic services always :

  • Day exclusively available to married couples
  • Two photographers completely at the disposal of the couple, from the preparation to the reception
  • Web gallery / storyboard (public or private) with the main photo of the day
  • backup photos on cloud
  • DVD or USB keys with about 300/400 pictures (full resolution) equalized (only the photos chosen by the couple for the album are changed on request with Photoshop)
With a meeting cognitive, are able to assess and quantify any customizations or additional requests.
02. Who is making the photo shoot? TOP

Of course, yours truly. 🙂 During the meeting, in addition to cognitive introduce myself, I present to you my most trusted collaborators.

03. Why two? It is not enough one photographer? TOP

Produce a photographic wedding service is not a trivial task, it requires professionalism. Being two photographers means provide a complete service from both sides (bride and groom) and above is used to collect the greatest number of details of this day. Obviously the second photographer does not have any additional cost for the bride and groom.

04. In the package there is the photo album, why? What types of photo album offering?TOP

The photo album is always the last item that the couple rate. Usually after the delivery of the specimens the bride and groom have at their disposal an indefinite time (do not hurry) to choose photos that you have more excited.

The choice of the album then may fall between a diverse range of options and configurations.

Below is the link that describes the solutions offered and how it is organized layout of the photos.


05. Can you describe the day of the photo shoot? How have you organized? What information needs to prepare for the day?TOP

The “day” is usually divided into 4 phases :

  • the preparation of the bride and groom
  • the ceremony
  • photos on location
  • photos during the reception
In all these phases the two photographers are available to spouses.
Before the day is organized a short “briefing” 🙂 to gather the latest information to reach the bride and groom and to receive confirmation of the agreements made earlier.


06. Many photographers present themselves as professionals, but then present with the entry level SLR. Can you describe a little bit your camera equipment?TOP

I and my colleagues we only use professional Canon digital equipment.

Below is the link to my camera equipment.


07. Do you shoot with digital equipment?TOP

Yes, only in digital. I did not realize photographic equipment photographic services with analog film.

08. When I can have the wedding photos? Can I print the photos on your own?TOP

The photos of the photo shoot are ready within two weeks, or as soon as you return from the honeymoon.

09. Also provide video service?TOP

Personally I did not realize the video service, but I can provide the names of professionals who can be hired to film your day.

10. We are not live on veneto, but we want to choose you for our wedding. Provided the same the photo shoot?TOP

Yes, I require only a reimbursement of expenses to reach you and possibly accommodation costs.

11. We need to organize our wedding. Provide the service Wedding Planner?TOP

Yes My co-workers organize for you the wedding also following you during the day of the event.
Generally help you:

  • choosing the best date of the event
  • providing the service of translators (English, Russian, Spanish)
  • to organize the guest list and sending for you by contacting guests
  • to organize the possible need for overnight stay by guests who reach the location from a remote place
  • to manage the list of Wedding Gifts
  • in the selection and organization of the trip Wedding
  • in the choice of clothing ceremony
  • in the choice of the rings
  • in the choice of Make Up / Hair Stylist
  • in the choice of location
  • in the choice of catering or restaurant used to catering during the banquet
  • in the choice of wedding cake
  • in the choice of flowers and the decorations of the ceremony
  • in the choice of wedding favors or souvenirs of the event for your guests
  • in the choice of means of transport (car, train, etc.). most suitable to transport the bride and groom during the day
  • in managing the tables with the positions of the diners asking any preferences in the dishes
  • to define a checklist to help you organize all the activities to be completed to ensure a perfect wedding
  • in dealing with the unexpected and the deadlines for the preparation of the event
  • in managing the budget available for the entire event by communicating any changes with respect to the amounts provided
  • providing a website so that the guests can confirm the invitation directly through advanced IT tools
  • in providing DJ and entertainment for the party
12. We are a couple that does not speak Italian. You are able to speak in other languages?TOP

Si. Le mie collaboratrici vi aiuteranno prima e durante la giornata fornendo il servizio di traduttrici.
My co-workers speak the following languages :

  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish