Biography Francesco Pillan Photographer

In this section, I describe my experiences and my photographic origins.

Q:Where were published your photos (calendars, magazines, websites)? ?

On WU Magazine  “Pedofilia – Chiesa” article.
Who wants to “browse” the magazine you will find the complete file here .
In the “EuRossModels” calendar 2010 in 2010 there is a picture in November.

Mese Novembre Calendario EuRossModels 2010 by Francesco Pillan

To download and print the calendar click here.

In LiberaEva website there is a photo gallery of my fashion / glamour photos.

Le foto di Francesco Pillan nel sito

La nuova galleria di foto di Francesco Pillan nel sito

On Canon website was published the interview on my photographic experiences
Canon Italia intervista il fotografo Francesco Pillan

Q: What commercial projects you have participated ?

Servizio Fotografico Abbigliamento sportivo Benetton Rugby

Campagna pubblicitaria abbigliamento Benetton Rugby

Servizio Fotografico Gioielli / Bigiotteria Marina Argento

Q: Do you work only a photograph or work in other areas ?


My education is very technical,  I’m a software engineer.

With these skills I now realize and collaborate on projects WEB, following all aspects of design, implementation and “promotion”. I use also external collaborations with the best SEO professionals to help companies in the promotion of the website on the Internet.

Here are some sites where I conducted or participated actively in the planning and start-up.




Q: What is the photographer that inspired you or that you admire??

A: Helmut Newton, Terry O’Neill , Stefan May , Peter Lindbergh e Rankin … on my Top 5.

Q:What camera equipment do you use?

A: I have a complete Canon kit. All optics are protected by filters B + W.

To govern the light of my photos using Canon and Elinchrom flash controlled with the Pocket Wizard Multimax II. I also use the Orbis Ring Flash. For my outings with me varied material Lastolite, Manfrotto, and TAMRAC LOWEPRO. ND Filters – Polarizer B + W

Q: What educational path you followed to reap the first fruits as a photographer?

A: Lots of … lots and lots of mess. I started photographing sporting events, weddings, parties, so as to improve and develop all aspects that make up the picture. I was lucky enough to have good teachers that have helped me to quickly understand a lot of things that are not written in any book.

Q : How important is the photo editing ?

A: The photo and the model must do their part, but I can not hide that with Photoshop you can correct many flaws. I personally do not like the pictures “altered” why take away a lot of the expressiveness of the face … but it’s just my personal opinion…

Q: Where does this passion?

A: As a child … if I remember correctly … during one of the school trips (Abano Terme) I started taking pictures for fun and with the passage of time, this passion is “broken.” For a time, I cheated on picking up a video camera but then I went back to basics. Family stimulus has never missed since my father has always been an amateur photo … Nikonist …

About 6 years ago I started to photograph the F90X with my father and with the advent of digital I purchased my first digital SLR (Nikon D70). Since then I have photographed everything with all major professional digital SLR Nikon (D80, D200, D2Xs, D300, D700, D3). Recently I have completely abandoned the world to Nikon and Canon are gone completely.

Q :What is your greatest ambition? (What do you hope to do in the future)

A: Taking photos for the covers of fashion more widespread, pack photo book, make a photo shoot with the great masters of photography … but the key aspect is to be happy in his work.

Q :Can you give your contact information to contact you?
A :
Francesco Pillan
Born in Treviso 12/10/1974
Nazionality Italian
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